A pricing system that’s fair and centred around you, the peer.

Learn and share with your peers and make money while you do it.

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Why we're different

We want to create a culture of learning from each other without restrictions, whilst fairly rewarding and crediting educators – educators own their content, not us.


Learning from your peers is a well proven and researched method for excelling in your exams and careers – it’s inside information from someone who’s been there and done it.

Connect with your favourite peers so you can learn as much as you want while also supporting them.


Everyone has a potential to share knowledge with their peers. All you need is a passion for teaching and education.

Earn a passive source of income by sharing your own quizzes.


It’s about time educators got fairly rewarded for all their hard work. We see you as the third co-founder of peerr.

This means, 33% of all premium monthly membership revenue will be shared amongst the educators proportionally.


1. What is Peerr?

Peerr is an online learning community where anyone can learn, earn or share their knowledge and experiences through custom-made quizzes.

We built Peerr because we believe everyone is an educator and the future of education is social.

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